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If the pandemic has shown anything, it’s that people can be extraordinarily creative when left to their own devices. Well, here at Blue Wonder we actively celebrate that kind of creativity and in a new feature on the blog we will, once a month, supply five alternative uses for every-day items. Do enjoy.


Toilet roll:

You probably have a whole load of this lying around the house, so rather than throw out those old loo rolls – though if you do, remember to recycle – why not use them for other arty projects?

1. Characters

    Let’s start simple, shall we? Break out the oil, acrylic or poster paints and doodle to your hearts’ content. No further manipulation required, just draw on a rough design of any caricature you want, be it a woodland animal, silly monster, or your favourite cartoon character, and let loose with the paint.

    2. Wall Decorations

      You’ve got the painting down-pat, now why not take it further? Why not make some small happy bees – paint the roll with black and yellow stripes and add a smiley face – cut a roll into thin circles, folding them into a hexagonal shapes, painting them yellow and sticking them together to form a honeycomb and voila! Now you have a home-made beehive wall decoration.

      3. Painting

        Though loo roll can hardly replace paint brushes, they are an interesting alternative when there is no brush to hand. Here’s an interesting experiment: from one end, cut upwards about a third of the way, creating thin strips that you can then flay out. You now have the perfect utensil to create quickly create the perfect fireworks painting.

        4. Ornaments

          If you’ve tried the beehive wall decoration, why not take it further? Why not create your own free-standing ornament? Mould into various geometric shapes and decorate however you like to create a unique and custom ornament for your home or office.

          5. Fine Art

            The words “loo roll” and “fine art” are not an immediately recognisable pairing but with the right tools and a creative mind, there is nothing stopping you from making something truly great. We’re not even sure how you would go about starting something like the example picture we’ve supplied here but it just goes to show that anything is possible when you put your mind to it.


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