Amazing new product idea - Filtertek Hanging File Tabs

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Fantastic new product idea from Cathedral Products. These Filertek hanging file tabs are designed to replace your current plastic/paper hanging file tabs. We really like this idea because it saves you money, and is more environmentally friendly than using single-use paper.

Hanging File Tabs are designed to be an environmentally friendly way of reusing hanging file tabs within your suspended filing system. There is no paper wastage due to the tabs being reusable.

Each pack contains 10 white hanging file tabs, each one with a dry erase backing so you can reuse many times. The pack also contains a dry erase pen.

The tabs are available in either white, or in a multi-coloured pack. 

The Key benefits include:

  • No paper wastage because tabs are reusable.
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to paper tabs.
  • Easy to reuse multiple times.
  • High quality robust product.
  • Installs in seconds on your hanging files.
  • Used by thousands of customers worldwide as an alternative to one time use paper.

To buy these products click here: 

Multicoloured Hanging File Tabs

White Hanging File Tabs



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