Do’s and Don’ts with Office Stationery

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Stationery – no office is complete without it. Whether it’s a cheap stapler or an industrial grade shredder, it is integral for any company to function to ensure the equipment, no matter how small, is available to all employees. But much like general behaviour, there are definitely things that you should and should not do with office stationery.


Do – ensure you have enough.

It is always important to make sure you have the bits you need to do your work. Pens and pencils are a must, but you never know when you may need a stapler, a hole punch or even Sellotape. Rather than desperately hunting for what you need, make sure you have it to begin with.

Don’t – horde.

Just because you can have twenty pens immediately to hand, does not mean you should. We know it is tempting to grab a handful when you see boxes of everything you need in the storage cupboard, but you can only use one thing at a time, so just take one.


Do – share.

You will work with those who will never have what they need. So, if your colleague needs to use your hole punch RIGHT NOW, by all means let them. Just ensure you get it back.

Don’t – bring your best.

We all know that the cheap Bic pens are not as nice as your gold-plated inscribed and personalised fountain pen, but if you bring that into the office, you are asking for trouble. Unless you have your own private office, be prepared to have the fancy things go missing.


Do – keep your desk tidy.

Fortunately, we live in a world where there is a piece of stationery for keeping your desk tidy, cunningly known as – the desk tidy. Most offices now go by a clean desk policy so even if you don’t have a desk tidy, just make sure all the random bits on your desk are either net or put away.

Don’t – be anal about it.

We get it, your home is bastion of cleanliness, but this is the office, a communal space of different personalities. If the cleaner inadvertently knocked your notepad forty-five degrees off its normal perch, is it really that big a deal?


Do – make way for idle hands.

We all get stressed and many of us are fidgety. And, yes, office utensils can make very handy stress relievers. So, go for it! Spin a pen between your fingers or use a hole punch as a stress toy. So long as you are not taking your anger out on you colleagues or irritating the hell out of those sat next to you, vent that stress!

Don’t – destroy property.

We’re not talking smashing holes into wall or anything here, but it goes without saying that, if the company is supply the stationery, don’t tear apart your stapler at the first sign of stress. And please don’t treat pens like chew toys. It’s gross and unsanitary.



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