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Everyone loves candles. Historically used as the only kind of light source until the introduction of electricity, their appeal has never seemed to diminish, with the modern candle really being anything than average. You have tea-lights, advent candles, ear candles, even giant companies like Yankee offering every scent from winter berries to old books.

So why on earth would you need to make you own you ask? Frankly, you don’t, but much like many of the articles on this blog, it’s about trying something new or creative. But then, without a bag of wax pellets to get you going, where will you get the main ingredient for making your own candle? Simple; get some crayons.

Now, the humble wax crayon may now be too jazzy or fragrant by usual candle standards, but for the purpose of this craft, they will be more than adequate. In order to begin, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Wax crayons (colours are of your choosing)
  • Candle wicks – these can be bought online for dirt cheap or at your local Hobbycraft
  • A glass container – like an old drinking glass
  • A glass bowl

To begin, take a wick and place it in the glass container you have chosen, metal base first. Ensure it is fixed in place. This can be done by using some of the wax on the base and allowing it to dry. 

Once the wick is ready, it is time to melt you crayons. Cut the colour or mix of colours of your choosing into small pieces, and place these in a glass mixing bowl. You will melt the crayons much in the same way as melting chocolate, so you will need to bring a pan of water to the boil. Once the water is simmering away nicely, place the mixing bowl over it and gently stir until the crayons have fully melted.

At this stage, should you wish, you can add a fragrance and mix in.

Once you’re happy the wax is melted enough, take it off the pan and very carefully pour it into your glass container. You will need to ensure the wick is straight while you do this and try not to get any wax on your fingers. It’ll be very hot.

Once poured, the wax will take anywhere between ten to fifteen minutes to solidify. Once hardened, simply trim the wick to the appropriate length and there you have it! You’re very own, homemade candle, created using nothing but crayons and a bit of string.


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