Latest online shopping trends

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Online shopping has continued to grow across the UK, and is set to become the primary way people shop. So how do people actually feel about online shopping and what are the trends that are starting to show.

Here are a few of our top takeaways from recent research on shopping trends:

31% of consumers would still prefer to visit physical shops, 57% of consumers like online shopping, whereas 12% of people said that they would do both. (Bizfeel)

81% of physical shop visitors check out whats available online before buying in a physical shop. (GE Capital Retail Bank)

The main reasons people shop online are : a) The ability to shop 24/7, b) Ability to easily compare prices and find the best offer, c) Online sales offer better prices, d) It saves time, over visiting traditional high-street stores. (KPMG)

61% of consumers would prefer to shop with retailers that have both an online and physical presence. 80% of shoppers will shop locally when they need something immediately. (Google)

Millennials have a 51% likelihood of buying a product via a social media platform (Big Commerce)

51% of smartphone users have purchased from a company other than the one they originally intended to because of timely information. (Google)


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