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Coronavirus: We are still in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and it has caused a lot of concern for many. But, while there is obviously some anxiety about the current situation, we want to say that we here at Blue Wonder want to inspire everyone to do what we can to alleviate any worries. We would like to hear from you, by either Twitter or Facebook, about great moments of human kindness or creativeness that have helped you during these difficult times. Have a photo you want to share or a painting you are proud of? Maybe you have taken the time to do those tasks around the house you have been putting off? Get in contact with us and share your stories.

New Products: In the coming weeks, Blue Wonder will be aiming to expand our range of office supplies and bespoke jewellery. These will appear on the website in due time and we will announce their availability once they are ready so go follow us on Facebook and Twitter and find out immediately when you can get a hold of our new wares.

Creative Ideas: Also, over the coming weeks, we aim to expand our blog posts. While we will be announcing new products and update you on the latest news, we will also be sharing creative ideas and creations with you over the next year. Photography, origami, even inventive ways one can use standard household items, we will the seeds to get your creative brain moving.


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