New Product Launch - A5 Notepads from IPV

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We have just added a new product from IPV. IPV are an established production company, focused on producing amazing stationary products. They have added a range of lined/plain A5 notepads to their latest products.

These A5 premium lined/ruled notebook/notepad are fantastic for note taking. They have 160 pages (80 sheets) and each notebook is available in 5 colours. The cover is high quality pearlised card and is available in various colours. The backing is high quality card to provide protection and security to the notepad. The Lined/Ruled paper is high quality 80gsm, unlike many notepads that use cheap refill paper. The notebook is bound with a white spiral bind. It is available in many colours - Persian Pink, Titanium, Boysenberry, Yale Blue, Forest Green.

Its unique selling points include:

  • Hundreds sold to customers across the UK in the last few months.
  • High quality materials used, rather than cheap and tacky refill paper/card.
  • Produced in the UK using UK workers.

Colours Available:

If you are interested in these products then click here: 

A5 Lined Notebook

A5 Plain Notebook



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