Working in a small office compared to a big office

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Starting in a new office can be intimidating. You’ve successfully beat all other applicants to that coveted job and a start date has been set. But will you fit in? Forget the job for the moment and think about your new colleagues, your new work family if you will. How many are there, how big is your team, can you be yourself around them?

But there are definitely things you need to consider depending on the size of the office or the number of colleagues you have. Here is a, hopefully, helpful guide on the main differences between working in a big office compared to a small office.

Big Office:

Depending on how much you like peace and quiet will determine how you’ll be in a big office. The more people, the louder it will be. There will be the continued drone of keyboards tapping, phones ringing, the buzz of conversation, and the incessant clack-clacking of that damn printer. But that’s what makes big offices great. It’s not called office buzz for nothing.

Small Office:

It’s quiet. Too quiet. Unless you like that of course, then crack on.

Obviously, there will still be calls, keyboard tapping, that printer, but a small team in a small office generally breeds less hubbub, so enjoy the peace.

Big Office:

Big offices tend to be more open plan and, hopefully, more spacious. You may be part of a smaller team within that office, but it does mean that you’ll have the chance to speak to other people in the business that you may not normally get to speak to, find out what other teams do and maybe even get a better understanding on where these team function within the business. You never know, a new opportunity in a different team may come up, and being in a big open plan office means you can just walk over to the relevant team and have a chat.

Small Office:

Small offices are just that: small. This usually tells you the size of the company too but that’s not a bad thing. The issue, though, may just be the lack of space, especially if you have moved from a big office. Don’t get me wrong, small offices tend not to be boxes, but it may take some adjusting if you’re used to wide open spaces.

Big Office:

On the flip side, if you prefer a more intimate working environment, a big office probably isn’t for you. Also, if a company is at the stage where their office space has reached a particular size, then hierarchy can be extremely complicated. Sure, you’ll be part of a smaller team, but watch who you talk about your shenanigans at the weekend is. Could be the boss of your boss’s boss.

Small Office:

Now, a small office is much more personal. No corporate red tape, waiting days for another team to deal with a query or petty emails. You and your colleagues will literally be a stones throw away, so just ask Jackie if she’s finished that report you wanted done already.


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